Infusion set with burette 100ml hot sale medical disposable syringe with needle 5ml manufacturer

TEM CODE: 209NB1 Specifications:     20drops≈1ml     Hexagonal spike with  air vent     62mm drip chamber with filter     Safety roller clamp     Luer lock connector with cap Available Material: PVC, DEHP FREE PVC Package:&n

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     Hexagonal spike with  air vent

     62mm drip chamber with filter

     Safety roller clamp

     Luer lock connector with cap

 Available Material: PVC, DEHP FREE PVC

 Package: Blister/PE packing

V product features

Structure and composition: single-use infusion set with screw joint is composed of single-use infusion set and screw joint (optional).

Among them, disposable infusion device consists of protective sleeve of bottle stopper puncture device, bottle stopper puncture device, air inlet device, dropper, drip hopper, pipeline, flow regulator, liquid filter (15 meters),

External taper joint, injection piece (optional), external taper joint protective sleeve (optional).
Disposable intravenous infusion needle is composed of needle handle, connecting seat, hose, needle tube and protective sleeve.

The product was sterilized by ethylene oxide
Infusion Set with Burette 100ml Hot Sale Medical Disposable Syringe with Needle 5ml Manufacturer
1, Infusion sets--with CE ISO GMP manufacturer
2, 50% products are for Eur, South America, Midest and Africa markets

Main accessories: Vented spike, Drip Chamber, fluid Filter, flow regulator, latex tube, Luer Lock connector.

Protective cap for closure piercing device made of polyethylene with internal thread that prevents the bacteria from coming in, but allows the entrance of ETO gas. Apporoximately 20 drops/ml, 60 drops/ml

Closure piercing device made of white PVC, with sizes according to ISO 1135-4 standards. Apporoximately 15 drops/ml, 20 drops/ml

Drip chamber made of soft PVC, sizes according to the ISO 8536-4 standards.

Flow Regulator made of polyethylene.

Soft and kink resistant medical grade PVC tubing.

Terminal fitting protective cap (luer slip or Luer-lock adapter upon request) made of PVC or polystyrene, according to the ISO 594/1 and 594/2 standards.

Terminal fitting protective cap made of polyethylene.

Options available:
- With or without air vented spike;
- With or without needle;
- With or without "Y" injection port;
- Luer lock or luer slip connector;
Disposable Infusion Set 
Tube MaterialPVC, Non-PVC, DEHP-free, TPE, Light-sensitive
Luer TypeLuer Lock/Luer Slip
Y-siteWith/Without, Latex/Latex-free
Flow RegulatorAvailable
Drip ChamberVented/Non-vented
Needle Free InjectorAvailable
PackagePE/Blister Bag

Scope of application: for patients with intravenous infusion use.

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